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Motorcycle Locksmith San Diego, Ca

When it comes the time to call a locksmith for your bike, it's usually when you have a problem. Let us
baby, your "baby" through the entire process and get you back to where you want to be, not in traffic.
Call and ask how to save 10% instantly.

Broken Motorcycle Keys

San Diego Locksmith Broken Motorcycle Key

There are some rumors on the internet that perfectly super gluing your broken end of the key and inserting it into your ignition to "grab" the other end is a smart way to remedy your problem. This almost never works unless you have the hands of a Brain Surgeon.

As cycles become more and more advanced, so do the locking and ignition systems. If you have a key broken inside your bike don't try to extract it yourself. You could further damage your bike resulting in
more damage costing more money in the long run.

What You Should Do If Your Motorcycle Key is Broken. If your key is stuck, there is only so many times you can wiggle it before it breaks off inside your bike, making more of a headache for you and adding to the cost of your situation. Your best bet is calling the knowledgeable professionals at Mr. Keyman to fix your problem. In most cases we can extract your broken key and make you a new one on site. That means more money in your pocket, less hassle for you, and more time spent doing what you do best, beating traffic.

Motorcycle Locksmith Locks
Mr. Keyman wants to make sure that you keep your bike safe and sound. That's why Mr. Keyman keeps
the five different types of motorcycle locks in stock. If you would like to keep your mind at ease while your
baby is parked then give Mr. Keyman a call.

Motorcycle Cable Lock
This cable offers flexibility, so it easy to wrap around objects. However, thicker cable motorcycle locks are harder to cut.


Motorcycle Chain Lock
These Locks are good to withstand stretching forces, but a chain only as strong as it's weakest link.
Chain locks are good for storage since they can be piled up

Motorcycle Amored Lock
Armored motorcycle locks are usually more secure than cable locks. They cannot be sawed in half
because each individual barrel will rotate.


Motorcycle Shackle Locks
This type of lock comes in the shape of a U and is designed to fit over your wheel. When these
motorcycle locks are engaged, the wheel won't rotate so thieves can't ride off with your bike.


Motorcycle Frame Locks
These locks are usually attached directly onto the frame of your bike. You engage them by moving the
around and through the wheel spokes and securing the opposite side of the lock. These motorcycle locks
are suitable for providing temporary protection, as they don't offer as much security as other designs.

Motorcycle Locksmith Security Tips:

  • Wherever possible, avoid parking your bike and the same place, if your regular movements are
    being watch by an organized bike gang they will know exactly when best to steal your bike. The
    less of an opportunity they have have to steal your bike, the better.

  • If you're really determined to foil the bad guys, wire up a kill-switch or spring-loaded switch that
    must be held down when the start button is depressed. Some riders have foiled attempted thefts
    by simply removing the main fuse when they parked their bikes.

Motorcycle Locksmith Services:

  • Motorcycle Key Replacement Service for Most Makes and models
    of Motorcycles, Cycles, and Scooters.

  • Motorcycle Security Locks Removed

  • Motorcycle Fork Locks

  • Pad Locks

  • Motorcycle Disc Brake Locks 

  • Broken Motorcycle Keys Removed

  • Motorcycle Gas Caps 


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